‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Makes a Touchdown!

An incredibly well-written script, brilliant performances and overall seamless production makes Silver Linings Playbook one of my favorite films this year!

So, okay the year’s just started but that means the films that follow will have a great deal to live up to.  I am very particular about the films I deem “excellent”.  There are those that merely entertain me, those that make me smile and those that wow me on an artistic level.  Silver Linings Playbook moved me.  Impressed me.  And got me examining my life and the choices I’ve made.  Quite truthfully, a film that can achieve such a feat deserves my praise and support.

I had every intention on seeing the film for many reasons.  For starters, its star Bradley Cooper has impressed me since his time on “Alias” many years ago.  Jennifer Lawrence’s proven acting range gave me no hesitation that this acting pair would create quite an intriguing and engaging duo on-screen.  But, the kicker – I’m a life-long Philly suburb girl and this film pays tribute to the city that I love so well.

Adapted from the book by Matthew Quick, David O. Russell’s script takes you on an emotional journey.  From the moment we first meet Cooper’s character of Pat Solitano we care about him and that of his family who struggle to offer support and understanding at the same time.  We want him to succeed, cheer him on when he does and feel for him when he falters.  We can see parts of our own family idiosyncracies in that of Pat’s as he balances his inner turmoil with the help that’s waiting for him to accept.

The actors in this film are astonishing.  They breathe life into their characters.  Give them range, depth and complexity.  As the matriarch of the family, Jackie Weaver effortlessly blends raw emotion with a serene beauty.  The love this character holds for her family is evident in her every action.  Robert DeNiro’s stellar career has earned him the well-deserved respect of his peers and colleagues but also that of the moving going public.  His performance in this award-recognized piece proves exactly why he’s so well-respected.  He brought to life a character that’s as flawed as his son.  A man who loves his family and loves his “Birds” with nearly equal fervor.  He showed an incredible range with each scene and has me considering this one of my all-time favorite Robert DeNiro performances.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper complement each other perfectly in this film.  They match each other in intensity, in depth and in range of acting ability.  As their respective characters battle their inner demons we see the power in subtlety.  These actors manage to take these roles and give us just enough without overdoing it; creating waves of emotional strength.  From gut-wrenching declarations to quiet moments of admission these two brilliant actors excelled in their craft; ultimately allowing the audience to accompany them on a ride that’s both heart-breaking and fulfilling.

In closing, Silver Linings Playbook succeeds in its genre due to the blending of each aspect of film.  From the cinematography, to the score, to David O. Russell’s skilled directing.  I highly recommend finding out for yourself just why this excellent film deserves all of the award recognition it has received so far this season!